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Club Med Maldives Kani

Club Med Maldives Kani From a distance, Kani emerges like a garden island poised on turquoise waters. This little paradise in the Maldives archipelago, exclusively reserved for Club Med guests, has 75 Suites on Stilts* which, viewed from above, resemble a giant palm tree straddling the lagoon. In the heart of luxuriant nature inhabited by multi-coloured birds, the rooms offer tailor-made services for demanding Robinson Crusoes.

Between diving in the underwater depths and the pleasure of sampling the exquisite flavours of Asia, Kani is an Eden for all those who love to explore and discover.

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa From 1 August 2010, discover the Luxury 5* Space Suites on Stilts within the Kani 4* Resort It's the ideal option for those in search of privacy, privileged customised services and luxury comfort, without sacrificing the warm and friendly spirit of the Club Med:

  • An exclusive space within the 4* Resort, with a private pool
  • Luxury 5* service
  • Concierge
  • Luxury accommodation consisting of Suites on Stilts(1) with direct access to the sea
  • Unlimited access to activities and services in the 4* Resort (1) From 14 years old

  • Beach

    850 yards of sumptuous fine sandy beach that runs around the Resort; crystal clear waters at 28°C. The beach is equipped with deckchairs, parasols, hammocks, showers and a beach bar.

    Let us do the rest.
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